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Fortune Cookie quotes

12 great fortune cookie sayings that always come true

Everyone is familiar with them, Fortune Cookies. Whenever someone receives the mysterious cookie they will want to know what secrets it keeps. And nowadays that mystery has grown because you can put your very own text and quotes inside the delicious cookie. Because you want to be original with your texts and may be looking […]

Top 10 most delicious cookies

top 10 delicious cookies from around the world

You probably know the cookies from your own country very well. But the world is much, much bigger than just your own country. There are many more absolutely delicious cookies you have got to taste. We want to help you on the search to the best cookie of them all and give you a top […]

What are Dutch waffles

What are Dutch waffles and why are they so delicious

A true Dutch treat, Dutch waffles, also known as stroopwaffles or syrup waffles. They find their origin in a Dutch city named Gouda, also famous for its delicious cheese. They are well known in the Benelux and eaten a lot, also in the rest of the world the interest in the cookie is booming. To […]