About us

World of Cookies is your supplier for personalized cookies, pies and cakes from all over the world, shipped to (almost) any place on earth.
The famous Chinese Fortune Cookie with customized text, the American Chocolat Chip Cookie in fully personalized design, or a private label tin filled with delicious Dutch Syrup Waffles…Each country has its own type of cookie-product, we made it our job to make those products well-known. Packed in a modern packaging and branded with your logo, those cookies become  perfect give aways, mailing products, relation gifts, import products and so on.

Looking for anything special? Please let us know! We’re willing to help you by creating the ultimate cookie-gift.


World of Cookies works together with different distributors and producers. These companies all meet the high quality standard that is required. We have different resellers and agent through Europe. Together we’re World of Cookies!

Our Team

The headquarter of World of Cookies is based in the Netherlands. With a small team of 3 employees in the office and 3 employees in the factory we daily process dozens of orders and inquiries. Not all inquiries are processed at our headquarter. As we work with different agents and reseller through Europe, a part of the leads and inquiries belongs to the agents or resellers in the districted area or country. Want to know more about becoming an agent or reseller? Check our partner page and become a part of World of Cookies!